About Us

This is where the history of the company will go. How it started and the wishes and dreams that began it. Also, it's progress and the way that it has changed over the years while keeping with the values that it started with. You can include the ways that OSF benefits the community and any continuing commitments.

  • Quality
  • Honesty/Integrity
  • Innovative Problem Solvers
  • Service
  • Helpful
  • Thorough
  • Attention to Detail
  • Respectful

Our Mission

Provide the highest Quality Wood Coatings Service & Supplies along with the technical skills, knowledge, and expertise to back them.

Shawn Rasmussen

Portrait of Shawn Rasmussen
  • Managing Member

  • Mobile: (801) 920-7418
  • Email: shawnr@osfinish.com

Josh Brown

Portrait of Shawn Rasmussen
  • General Manager

  • Mobile: (801) 940-6701
  • Email: joshb@osfinish.com

Matthew Gibby

Portrait of Shawn Rasmussen
  • Payment/Accounting

  • Mobile: (801) 336-8236
  • Email: matthewg@osfinish.com

Rinon Magee

Portrait of Shawn Rasmussen
  • Sales & Service

  • Mobile: (801) 807-9226
  • Email: rinonm@osfinish.com